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VIJOICE targets the PI3Kα protein* made by a mutated (abnormal) PIK3CA gene
Illustration of PI3Kα protein with VIJOICE

Think of your body as a machine. In the machine, there are gears that are responsible for keeping it running. One of these gears is called the PI3Kα protein, which receives instructions from the PIK3CA gene to help ensure the machine operates correctly. When these gears move at the right speed, the machine can function properly.

Illustration of PI3Kα protein gears moving too quickly.

When a PIK3CA mutation occurs, the instructions cause the PI3Kα protein to move too quickly. As a result, the machine malfunctions, resulting in the signs, symptoms, and features of your PROS condition.

The PI3Kα protein is responsible for ensuring that many different parts of the body work correctly. That’s why each PROS condition, and how it shows up in a person’s body, is different.

Illustration of PI3Kα protein gears moving at tight speed.

Taking VIJOICE may help slow down the gears.

It targets the PI3Kα protein made by the PIK3CA gene. VIJOICE affects abnormal cells, but it also can affect healthy cells.

*A protein is a substance in the body that is involved in the growth and functioning of cells and tissues.


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Why am I taking VIJOICE?

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VIJOICE may help with your PROS condition. VIJOICE is not the same as other types of medications you may have tried in the past. It treats the cause of your PROS condition.